3W Induction AC Motor/Gear Motor

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Mounting screws are included with gearhead.
●Lead Wiring Type
Weight:Motor:0.3kg Gearhead:0.2kg
●Shaft Section Of Round Shaft Type
Excluding weight and the shaft section motor shape are the same as those of the pinion shaft type.
●Note: Conventional capacitor is a lead wire type. Inserted 187 # is optional
●The direction of motor rotation is as viewed from the shaft end of motor. CW represents the clockwise direction, while CCW represents the counterclockwise direction
●Name indicated in the list is pinion shaft type, also valid for the equivalent round shaft type.
Change the direction of single-phase motor rotation only after bring the motor to a stop.
If an attempt is made to change the direction of rotation while the motor is rotating,motor may ignore reversing command or change its direction of rotation after some delay.

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