A research-oriented place isn’t it?

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I suggest having levels. The range should be within 5 levels. If there’s nobody within the room within 5 degrees of you it will change to 10/15, 20/20, twenty-five, or thirty. (if you’re not within the 30th level, you most certainly will be penalized,) if there is no one else on the same level, they’ll tell that there isn’t anyone in your level range, but you may enter and wait. They will also try to find an individual at your level. They’ll move forwards by 1 and reverses 5s, until they find the right person. Please also let us know whether it is by 5 or single numbers.

There aren’t enough players. It’s awful when you enter the cave to find that there are 3 more people. However, the top-right corner of the screen reads «Not Enough Players». I would like to make it simpler so that you need only someone with 30 levels to defeat you. New arenas: You are now able to choose between five arenas. Please let me know if there are any ideas for new arenas. Thank you!

Okay… I have an idea. once you finish what you’ll need to build a adequate HQ, you can even fight within it. To be able to build a sufficient HQ, you’ll need at least 6 barricades, 200 step long field, a fortress, and two guard turrets.

Head to Idria in Falador and tell her everything you’ve seen. Idria will advise you to defeat Lucien to Movario. She will provide you with an orb to use against Movario. However, you must to locate Movario. He’s probably in Catherby. Visit Catherby, and look for the house that is north of Catherby. Bob the Cat will appear. You can put on your Catspeak Amulet and have a talk to him. It’s been a long time since I last saw you. I’m not sure if I’ll ever forget what you had to say about my being a human but I’m not sure about killing an Dragonkin. Well, the Dragon Kin was a friend.

I had the pleasure of meeting a Dragonkin recently But everyone thinks I’m drunk when I talk about Dragonkin. I guess I shouldn’t blame them. Anyways, I am trying to locate Movario. Oh yeah, that guy. He’s not kind to cats. He had a plate full of tuna, but when I initiated standard human instructional tactics known to you as «purring» however, he did not offer me any! He only cares about books, books and books. The look of Unferth is amusing by comparison. What’s the matter with him now? What can I do to find out? He is most likely living in a location that has lots of research, but no cats. It’s a shame to be in such a shabby place.

A research-oriented place isn’t it? You will find Movario at the Runecrafting Guild arguing with Wizards Aantha and Vief. You can utilize the orb to bring him to the White Knight Castle jail cell. Begin to question the man at Falador. Movario will inform you that he is an idea that the Stone of Jas that Lucien is holding could be fake. Movario will tell you that the Jas Stone Lucien gave you remarkable power suggests that it could be linked to the genuine thing, but that this link was cut off when the stone was removed. Movario will not have any further recourse, except to talk about how he enjoyed his time in Dorgeshkan.

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