Adjustable Focus Lens 10-110 Degree Glass Lens 445nm 50-100mW Blue Line Laser Modules

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What is the best deal to make clear and fine enough line alignment? The real line measuring work is always processing out of hand reaching, however, it is just making an easy job after the use of an intense beam 445nm blue line laser module. It is projecting formal brightness blue laser light directly from an inner laser diode. Under operation with metal heat sink cooling system inside 16mm diameter aluminum alloy housing tube, this blue laser gets superior nice industrial stabilization and increasing stability blue line alignment within constant work time of 8 to 10 hours per day.
This blue line laser module is being made with constant power source of DC power supply and qualified glass coated lens within 10 to 110 degree. It is projecting highly fine and straight blue line within 0.5 meter to 6 meters. It allows easy screw of adjustable focus optic lens and immediate blue laser light concentration, and makes sure of high efficiency and increasing fineness blue line alignment at long distance. When compact structure laser line generator gets proper installation, within the maximum distance of 3 meters, it assures no track and no barrier line alignment in all occasions perfectly.
Technical data:
Item: Berlinlasers blue line laser modules
Output power: 50mW, 80mW, 100mW
Laser class: IIIb
Optic lens: 10-110 degree glass coated lens
Applications: textile garment processing, laser cutting machine, sand milling, lumber machine etc

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