Adjusted Fineness 5mW 10mW 30mW 50mW 100mW 650nm Non Gaussian Beam Red Line Laser Modules

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If line aligning work is processing at various work distances, not able to rely on any manual labor force input, it is operating easy with a 650nm red line laser module. It applies 650nm red laser diode as beam emitting source. When it gets long developing history and mature laser tech, it just assures quite low production cost, and highly stable red line alignment in long time use.
This 650nm red line laser module applies the best quality separate crystal lens within 10 to 93 degree. After its beam stability tests up to 24 hours and proper use by skilled users, within constant work time of 8 to 10 hours per day, it is performing well with good laser light cycling use and highly reliable red line projection. It should pass through basic measurement and experiment of technical data, only after its correct use of output power and separate crystal lens degree, it always assures highly precise and fine line alignment for all occasions perfectly.
Technical data:
Item: Berlinlasers 650nm red line laser modules
Output power: 5mW to 100mW
Laser class: IIIa, IIIb
Optic lens: 10-93 degree separate crystal lens
Line lengths: 0.5 meter to 6 meters
Applications: textile garment processing, laser cutting, sand milling, lumber machine and high tech

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