Good Stability 635nm 10-110°Glass Coated Lens 5mW, 10mW, 20mW, 30mW, 50mW, 100mW Red Line Laser Modules

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What is the best solution to make clear and fine enough line alignment? Not limited by long distance and high height, it is operating easy with a high purity beam emitting tool of 635nm red line laser module. It is projecting pure and bright red laser light directly from 635nm red laser diode. The special use of an import 635nm red laser diode and metal heat sink cooling system are assuring increasing laser beam stability, and highly clear red line alignment for both long time and long distance use.
In various industrial and high tech line measuring work fields, owing to the use of qualified glass coated lens within 10 to 110 degree, this 635nm red laser line generator is performing with high linear quality and highly fine red line in use. It is projecting various red line lengths of 0.5 meter to 6 meters. Within freely installed distance of 3 meters, after its correct use of glass coated lens degree and output power, this compact size 635nm red laser module always makes easy installation, and clear and no mistake red line alignment onto all raw material surfaces effectively.
Technical data:
Item: Berlinlasers 635nm red laser line generators
Output power: 5mW to 100mW
Laser class: IIIA, IIIB
Optic lens: 10-110 degree glass coated lens
Adjustable focus: yes
Applications: stone, wood, metal, garment processing, laser cutting machine, milling machine etc

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