Good Stability 980nm APC Driving 100mW, 200mW, 300mW, 400mW Infrared Dot Laser Modules

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Whenever dot measuring work is processing under all night version fields, it is operating easy and clear with a long wavelength made device of 980nm infrared dot laser modules. It is performing different from a simple laser pointer or manual dot projecting tool. Owing to its invisible infrared laser beam emission from an inner 980nm infrared laser diode, only after its proper use of night version device and constant power source supply from AC/DC adapter, this infrared laser gets high efficiency infrared laser light conversion, and highly clear infrared dot alignment at various work distances.
Employing by import 980nm infrared laser diode within 100mW to 400mW, being made with APC, ACC driving circuit board, this infrared dot laser module assures the most reliable IR dot emission, with no affect by increasing temperature in continuous use. It allows proper adjustment of laser beam focus and IR dot projecting direction, without any eye exposure to beam aperture, this infrared laser assures no mistake and no barrier dot alignment in all night version fields perfectly.
Technical data:
Item: Berlinlasers 980nm infrared dot laser modules
Output power: 100mW, 200mW, 300mW, 400mW
Laser class: IIIb
Optic lens: glass coated lens
Adjustable focus: yes
Applications: military targeting, surveillance, intelligence system, scientific research work etc

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