Low Price 50mW 445nm Gaussian Beam Blue Line Laser Module

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After the use of 445nm blue laser diode tech and good use of glass coated lens, laser tech engineer has just designed a much more practically used device than formal laser pointer, it is just a blue line laser module. It emits intense blue laser light directly from 445nm blue laser diode, after good use of metal heat sink cooling system and 16mm diameter metal housing tube, it gets good thermal emitting, and increasing stability blue line alignment in long time use.
The advanced use of glass coated lens blue line laser module is emitting high transmittance blue laser light, and high linear quality blue line with various line lengths. It emits different line lengths within 0.5 meter to 6 meters. On basis of its strict laser beam stability tests and special use of adjustable focus optic lens, this laser line generator enables high speed blue laser light concentration, and highly efficient conversion of a highly fine blue line in distance.
Technical data:
Item: Berlinlasers 445nm 50mW blue line laser module
Laser class: IIIb
Optic lens: 10-110 degree glass coated lens
Line lengths: 0.5 meter to 6 meters
Adjustable focus: yes
Power source: 5V, 9V 1000mA AC/DC adapter
Applications: laser cutting, laser show, laser displaying, and laser communication etc

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