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Brief introduction
Efficient, convenient and save time and labour !
Applicable scope of power tillers锛?/strong>
Paddy field, dry land, use different accessories can have different function like rotary tillage, soil loosening, ditching, weeding, backfilling, ridging etc.
Clutch mode: Anti-clutch design.
Efficient field operation, the elderly, women can be convenient use, save time and labour, let farming more simple.
Parameter of power tillers WY1100锛?/strong>
Tilling width (mm)800-1100800-1100800-1100
Tilling depth (mm)150-300150-300150-300
Gear Box Transmission typeGear + shaft driveGear + shaft driveGear + shaft drive
Gear Shifts2 forwards,
1 reverse2 forwards,
1 reverse2 forwards,
1 reverse
Tilling blades4pcs/4 groups on each side of tiller4pcs/4 groups on each side of tiller
Rubber wheel400-8400-8
EngineEngine model178F
diesel engine186F
diesel engine188F
diesel engine
Horse Power8
Starting modeHand startHand startHand start
20鈥?/ 40HQ96pcs/144pcs48pcs/144pcs48pcs/144pcs
Product detail of power tillers WY1100锛?/strong>
Double clutch, no gear design, fast operation of large throttle speed, slow small throttle speed Clutch pull then go, loose then stop!
Simple damper design, adding manual damper on the original imported engine.
Each power can start quickly!
Double clutch ensure the use of the process can be easily adjusted, but also ensure the combination of clutch! Not slippery!
Each power tillers is equipped with reinforcing knife tool, thicken anti-winding plate, stamping and shearing angle,wheel hub grinding.
All above are used seamless tube instead of welded tube.
Each power tillers, the gears are all customized for vehicle use.
Warehouse of power tillers
Color difference:
Different production batches may have different colors due to the changes of the whole machine or parts. Color can be customized for bulk order.Mini Tiller

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