Multifunctional laser pointer

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One of the most versatile laser pointers in the world
Laser pointers used in astronomical observations use the properties of lasers to point to targets in the night sky and to aim targets more accurately and quickly.

In addition to the characteristics of very high brightness, very pure color, and very high energy, the star observation laser pointer also has very useful features: directional emission. Normal light sources are scattered. In order for light to propagate in a particular direction, a light source must be installed.

The centralizer can emit light in one direction. The laser light emitted by the laser is naturally emitted in one direction, the beams are close to parallel, and the light spot is not amplified much even if it is irradiated far away. Astronomy enthusiasts use lasers to point the stars. The most commonly used are green (wavelengths 515-520nm, 532nm) laser pens with an output of less than 30mW (milliwatts). Because of Rayleigh scattering of gas molecules in the atmosphere, green lasers are best used at night, so crow laser pointers are often used by astronomers to point to stars and constellations, or attached to finder brackets. Being quick to target Positioning. Green solid-state lasers are so easy to miniaturize that they are very cheap and are one of the reasons astronomy enthusiasts use lasers. Astronomical observation Laser pointers can clearly indicate the positions of stars and constellations on the celestial sphere, so even people standing far from the pointer can see sharp targets.

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