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These tickets may be used to enter any of these rooms. If you go into Area kill and 1 Green Dragons, you are able to kill them to attempt to receive Green D’hide Boots. If you enter Area 2 and kill Blue Dragons, then you might have a chance of having Blue D’hide Boots. Same thing with the Red Dragons and Black Dragons except you receive the corresponding kind of boot naturally. I believe with this kind of advancement to the Ranging Guild, people will have the ability to have more fun with Ranging. Since the reward quality is so large, the requirement to enter the Guild should be increased from 40 to 60.

The Magic Guild. Additionally the Magic Guild. This is a good example of a pretty good Guild. Decorations are great. Their are numerous helpful shops, teleports here, and also some Mages, and last, Zombies. The Zombies could be murdered and over and they respawn at a nice time. This is amazing for decent Mage Practice. Now how can this be better?

HOW TO IMPROVE: Okay now let us make this Guild a bit more interesting. Don’t get me wrong, the Guild is fairly wonderful. Let us create a small addition. Imagine if you’re able to kill the zombies and they have a little probability of falling Wizard Gloves. They fall both colors, black and blue. The Wizard Gloves will let you fill out the set of full Wizard. So today the set includes…

Next is that the Crafting Guild. Pretty nice. The way to IMPROVE: What if the Master Crafter had tasks which may be handed out to individuals for Crafting Experience. A task can only be given after every seven days. Here’s a table which shows the possible tasks.

The Master Crafter is needing Unblessed Symbols for the Monks at the Monastery. Would you help him make twenty Unblessed Symbols? The Tanner needs fifty cowhides to get an arrangement that has to be complete as soon as possible. He can’t leave because he’s to busy youth hides for individuals. Would you help him get what he needs?

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