The question is the process by which EoC

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Take a look at how many players from Runescape, myself included are left in other MMORPGs with an action bar system similar to that. This is World of Warcraft, of course. Although I am not suggesting that runescape should be more similar to WOW, in fact, most moos follow the EOC-style of HCI. Why is this the case for 95 percent of moos?

It has been proved to work. Without updates like this runescape would die, not only from a game perspective, but from a commercial point of view. Jagex must earn money, pay taxes, and also pay its employees. Jagex would quickly lose its advantage if they don’t keep running the game up to the standard.

Progression and adaption is key to everything in our lives, however with technology, it’s even more important. It is easy to say humans are the most dominant race because they have changed their environment. However, that’s a a different story.

I don’t know what age you are, but take a look back at the past 20 years that we, as tech-savvy users have had to change by using VCR to DVD to CD, and through the use of different interfacing devices (touchscreen is one of the most popular). Gamers have to be able to adapt to the changing technological world. I’m sure that you’d prefer to see Runescape stay up-to-date with its competitors and last for a long time, but with a backwards attitude of «no major updates cos we don’t like these» runescape is set to gradually die out.

EoC isn’t the issue. It’s more pressing to get the same result. The best part is being able make emotes available in a queue. WoW is simple to play. There are over 80 keys and a minigame to improve DPS or learning new strategies in PvP. Although I’m not a fan of mind-controlling foes from cliffs, it is something I like.

The question is the process by which EoC was created. Its birth is identical to Solomon, SoF, and so forth. Players are forced to play. Recently, one Jmod posted on forums about a poster revealing bugs within BA. He claimed that it was constructive feedback. Posters later noted that even though all these bugs were identified and reported to Jagex but they were not included in the cut.

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